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  1. Batch File Comment. A batch file can be commented using either two colons :: or a REM command. The main difference is that the lines commented out using the REM command will be displayed during execution of the batch file (can be avoided by setting @echo off) while the lines commented out using ::, won't be printed
  2. der to myself so that I don't have to Google it each and every time I need to work on a Windows Server (in other words, very seldom), there are three ways of adding comments into batch files (.bat) in Windows. The first, most recognised way (standards-compliant, documented statement) is by making use of the REM statement. Any line in your batch file that starts with REM (which stands for REMark) is completely ignored by the batch interpreter
  3. No, plain old batch files use REM as a comment. ECHO is the command that prints something on the screen. To comment out sections of the file you could use GOTO. An example of all these commands/techniques

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The REM command lets you place a remark or comment in a batch file. Batch file comments are useful for documenting the purpose of a batch file and the procedures you have used Comments. Regardless of the programming or scripting language used, it is always a good idea to insert comments in scripts, explaining what the next lines or block of code is trying to accomplish, how and/or why. Comments in batch files are usually placed in lines starting with REM (REMarks) Möchtest du einen Kommentar an das Ende einer Zeile hinter irgend einen Batch-Befehl schreiben, kannst du folgendes benutzen: befehl & REM Das ist ein Kommentar. befehl & ::Das ist ein Kommentar. Hinter einem Befehl, ist also & REM oder & :: zu benutzen, um einen Kommentar einzuleiten

C:\WINDOWS>pushd c:\temp C:\temp>pushd c:\ C:\>popd C:\temp>popd C:\WINDOWS> REM . Syntax: rem [comment] Erklärung: REM leitet einen Kommentar ein. Die Zeile wird ignoriert, beachten Sie jedoch, dass REM von einem Leerzeichen / Tabulator gefolgt werden muss, sonst wird die Ausführung der Batchdatei unmittelbar beendet This batch command is used for remarks in batch files, preventing the content of the remark from being executed. 19: START. This batch command starts a program in new window, or opens a document. 20: TIME. This batch command sets or displays the time. 21: TYPE. This batch command prints the content of a file or files to the output. 22: VO This series will share some conventions I picked up along the way for scripting in Windows via command prompt batch files. The Windows PowerShell is definitely sweet, but, I still like batch files for their portability and low friction. The Windows command line is very stable - no worrying about the PowerShell interpreter path, which version of PowerShell the server is running, etc. Series Parts. Part 1 - Getting Started; Part 2 - Variables; Part 3 - Return Code Batch ist das englische Wort für Stapel. Batch-Dateien sind demnach Stapelverarbeitungsdateien, die es Windows-Nutzern ermöglichen, System- und Programmprozesse zu automatisieren. Zu diesem Zweck enthalten diese Dateien Kommandos, die auch als Batch-Befehle bezeichnet und über die Kommandozeile bzw. Eingabeaufforderung ausgeführt werden. Es gibt hunderte von Batch-Befehlen, die. A Simple Msgbox Command Line Utility in Windows Batch The idea is to write a simple statement in VBScript, which is written into a temporary VBS file. In essence, the following single line VBScript statement is executed using cscripe.exe (or wscript.exe)

Windows 10: So erstellen und nutzen Sie Batch-Dateien. 8.1.2020 von Walter Saumweber. Zum einen vereinfachen Batch-Dateien Aufgaben, zum anderen arbeiten sie mehrere Aufgaben in einem Rutsch ab. Windows MS-DOS very useful programming environment for Windows family operating system. In order to complete jobs easier, faster, and with less error system administrators generally use batch scripts. In order to remember or understand commands and functions written to the batch script we generally use comments or comment block In its simplest form, a batch file (or batch script) is a list of several commands that are executed when you double-click the file. Batch files go all the way back to DOS, but still work on modern versions of Windows Put the following command in a batch file called mybatch.bat: @echo off @echo hello %1 %2 pause Invoking the batch file like this: mybatch john billy would output: hello john billy Get more than 9 parameters for a batch file, use: %* The Percent Star token %* means the rest of the parameters. You can use a for loop to grab them, as defined here

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Windows timeout command - how to add sleep or delay or wait in windows batch script. How do I add sleep in a batch script for X seconds? This will stop the script execution for the defined number of seconds <command> Specifies the command that should be carried out if the preceding condition is met. <string1>==<string2> Specifies a true condition only if string1 and string2 are the same. These values can be literal strings or batch variables (for example, %1). You do not need to enclose literal strings in quotation marks. exist <filename> On Windows 10, a batch file is a special text file that typically has a.bat extension, and it includes one or more commands that Command Prompt can understand and run in sequence to perform various.. We are now implementing the PUSHD/POPD using Windows Batch Programming. You could save the following windows scripts using .cmd or .bat extensions. Even it has been provided on Modern windows command shell, it is still a good idiom/exercise to do so. PUSHD.bat (Windows Batch Script) The idea is to store the stack using the environment variable. We can store a stack index pointer for example, when PUSHD_COUNT environment variable is set to 1, the top of the stack (directory string.

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Getting Started with Windows Batch Scripting. Windows batch scripting is incredibly accessible - it works on just about any modern Windows machine. You can create and modify batch scripts on just about any modern Windows machine. The tools come out of the box: the Windows command prompt and a text editor like Notepad.exe. It's definitely far from the best shell scripting langauge, but, it. Writing Batch Script on Windows 10 Basics of Batch Script. In the batch script, you mostly write commands that can work in the command prompt. Some are basic commands for printing, pausing, exiting and some commands can be used for different purposes like checking ping, checking network stats and so on. Rather than opening a command prompt each time and typing the command by yourself, you can.

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  1. In dem folgenden Tipp erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine eigene Batch-Datei erstellen, welchen Syntax Sie hierbei verwenden und wofür eine Batch-Datei überhaupt sinnvoll ist.. Wenn Sie sich selbst eine Batch-Datei erstellen, können Sie wiederkehrende Aufgaben automatisch ausführen lassen.In diesem Tipp stellen wir Ihnen den Aufbau und Syntax von Batch-Dateien vor und beschreiben mit einer.
  2. On a Windows machine, double clicking the file should execute it in command prompt (if you save it as a .bat file, that is). If it still isn't working, right click it and select Open with Command Prompt
  3. Full List of Command Prompt Commands; Command: Description: Append: The append command can be used by programs to open files in another directory as if they were located in the current directory. The append command is available in MS-DOS as well as in all 32-bit versions of Windows. The append command is not available in 64-bit versions of Windows. Ar
  4. Aus der Textdatei.txt wird so eine Textdatei.bat. Windows warnt Sie, dass die Datei eventuell nicht mehr funktioniert. Bestätigen Sie die Änderung mit Ja. Mit einem Doppelklick auf die Batch-Datei führen Sie diese aus. Nun fährt Ihr PC herunter. Dateiendung von .txt in .bat ändern. Weitere Batch-Befehle . Auch wenn Batch-Dateien nur einfache Programme sind, können Sie viel damit.
  5. Batch File Comments. Comments are very essential for a program. They help to increase the readability of the program. Any programmer mostly will not start from scratch, they will be revising the existing versions. So, it's very essential that we need to comment the code efficiently. Batch files traditionally allow single line comments only. Single Line Comments. The REM command stands for.
  6. In Windows, the batch file is a file that stores commands in a serial order. Command line interpreter takes the file as an input and executes in the same order. A batch file is simply a text file saved with the .bat file extension. It can be written using Notepad or any other text editor. A simple batch file will be ECHO OFF ECHO GeeksforGeeks PAUSE After saving it with .bat extension. Double.

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If it is an internal cmd command or a batch file then the command processor is run with the /K switch to cmd.exe. This means that the window will remain after the command has been run. If it is not an internal cmd command or batch file then it is a program and will run as either a windowed application or a console application. parameters: These are the parameters passed to the command/program. Windows Batch Scripting: Variables. Mar 1 st, 2013 | Comments. Overview; Part 1 - Getting Started; Part 2 - Variables; Part 3 - Return Codes; Part 4 - stdin, stdout, stderr ; Part 5 - If/Then Conditionals; Part 6 - Loops; Part 7 - Functions; Part 8 - Parsing Input; Part 9 - Logging; Part 10 - Advanced Tricks; Today we'll cover variables, which are going to be necessary in. As of Windows 2000, if Command Extensions are enabled, then there are several dynamic environment variables that can be expanded but which don't show up in the list of variables displayed by SET. These variable values are computed dynamically each time the value of the variable is expanded. If the user explicitly defines a variable with one of these names, then that definition will override. Eine bat (Batch-Datei) mit der man zum Beispiel mehrere Aufgaben abarbeiten kann, sind nützliche Werkzeuge. Leider kann man per Standard eine *.bat Datei nicht an die Taskleiste anheften., oder.

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Windows Commands, Batch files, Command prompt and PowerShell. How to get date / time in batch file. by Srini. This post explains how to get current date and time from command prompt or in a batch file. How to get date and time in a batch file. Below is a sample batch script which gets current date and time Datetime.cmd . @echo off for /F tokens=2 %%i in ('date /t') do set mydate=%%i set. Standardmäßig werden Sie aufgefordert, wenn Sie diese Einstellung ersetzen, es sei denn, der Copy-Befehl wird in einem Batch Skript ausgeführt. Um Dateien anzufügen, geben Sie eine einzelne Datei für das Ziel an, aber mehrere Dateien für die Quelle (verwenden Sie Platzhalter Zeichen oder das file1 + file2 + datei3 -Format) Like any scripting or programming language, the batch language provides conditional execution, i.e. if condition then command [ else command ] In DOS , condition can be Within a batch program, this command directs command processing to a line that is identified by a label. When the label is found, processing continues starting with the commands that begin on the next line. Syntax goto <label> Parameters. Parameter Description <label> Specifies a text string that is used as a label in the batch program. /? Displays help at the command prompt. Remarks. If.

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Windows Batch Scripting: Functions. Mar 1 st, 2013 | Comments. Overview; Part 1 - Getting Started; Part 2 - Variables; Part 3 - Return Codes; Part 4 - stdin, stdout, stderr ; Part 5 - If/Then Conditionals; Part 6 - Loops; Part 7 - Functions; Part 8 - Parsing Input; Part 9 - Logging; Part 10 - Advanced Tricks; Functions are de facto way to reuse code in just about any. The WHERE command is roughly equivalent to the UNIX 'which' command. In PowerShell: C:\Windows\System32\WHERE.exe.options as above key /R A recursive search, starting with the specified Dir directory. /Q Don't display the files but return either an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for failure. /F Display the output file name in quotation marks. /T Display the size, time stamp, and date. BATch-Befehle stammen aus dem DOS-Zeitalter und sind auch heute noch ein sinnvolles Werkzeug. Die hier beschriebenen Befehle wurden unter Windows 2000/XP getestet, sind aber zu 99% auch für Windows 10 gültig

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Hi, Please can i know how to make use of logical OR operator in a batch script? For ex: When i want to check for a particular condition in IF statement how should i use it? if a==1 or b==1 ( ) how do i achieve this in batch script? Thanks in advance · Hello, IF statements do not support logical operators. You can implement a logical OR as. The grep command in Linux is widely used for parsing files and searching for useful data in the outputs of different commands.. The findstr command is a Windows grep equivalent in a Windows command-line prompt (CMD).. In a Windows PowerShell the alternative for grep is the Select-String command.. Below you will find some examples of how to grep in Windows using these alternatives Befehl: wird ausgeführt, wenn die Bedingung erfüllt wird. ELSE: wird ausgeführt, wenn die Bedingung nicht erfüllt wird. Im ELSE-Teil kann ein weiterer IF-Befehl durchgeführt werden. Dies ist auf alle Syntax-Arten von IF anwendbar. Beispiel: @echo off. SET /P Test=Eingabe: IF %Test% GTR 0 (. ECHO Test ist größer als 0

Windows Batch Scripting: If/Then Conditionals. Mar 1 st, 2013 | Comments. Overview; Part 1 - Getting Started; Part 2 - Variables; Part 3 - Return Codes ; Part 4 - stdin, stdout, stderr; Part 5 - If/Then Conditionals; Part 6 - Loops; Part 7 - Functions; Part 8 - Parsing Input; Part 9 - Logging; Part 10 - Advanced Tricks; Computers are all about 1's and 0's, right? So, we. %%parameter: A replaceable parameter: in a batch file use %%G (on the command line %G) This command walks down the folder tree starting at [drive:]path, and executes the DO statement against each matching file. If the [drive:]path are not specified they will default to the current drive:path. Unlike some other variants of the FOR command you must include a wildcard (either * or ?) in the 'set. Mit den Befehlen könnt ihr eigene Batch-Dateien erstellen oder einfach bestimmte Aufgaben in Windows abarbeiten. Bedenkt, dass sich die meisten Befehle auch kombinieren lassen. Bedenkt, dass sich. This is a tutorial covering all of the basic concepts of batch programming/scripting. How to use variables, if statements, loops, functions and plenty more.. Batch Files in Windows are script files, typically with a .bat extension, capable of running a series of commands in the Command Prompt in a specified sequence and according to triggers defined by the user. You can make a batch file to run just about any Command Prompt command, either manually or on a schedule

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There is no obvious way to read the output of a command into a batch file variable. In unix-style shells, this is done via backquoting. x=`somecommand` The Windows command processor does not have direct backquoting, but you can fake it by abusing the FOR command. Here's the evolution: The /F flag to the FOR command says that it should open the file you pass in parentheses and set the loop. 1. %A vs. %%A %A is for use on command lines only. In all examples and syntax lines shown %A should be substituted with %%A when used in batch files.: 2. %a vs. %A : The A in %A may be replaced by any character, either upper case or lower case, except numbers. Note, however, that variables are case sensitive, so be consistent

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Command Prompt is a unique tool in Windows that allows you to access and run, well, pretty much anything within the OS and sometimes even outside it. As long as you know the right commands and. For this purpose, the batch file language has the if command. The Basic If Command. In its most basic form, if compares two strings and executes a command if the strings are equivalent: if string1 == string2 command. This is used in combination with command-line variable or environment variable substitution, as in this example: if %1 == ERASE delete somefile.dat If and only if the batch.

Batch script rename file using Command Line (CMD) & PowerShell - Windows 10 In this tutorial we will explain way to create batch How to Create Batch to Delete File Automatically - Command Line(CMD If you are writing a batch file and you don't want to continue until somebody presses a key, you can do it really easy with the timeout command. For instance, using the following on the command prompt will pause the terminal for 10 seconds unless you press a key Execute Scripts with SQL*Plus on a Windows Batch Script Posted on junio 29, 2014 by Daniel Arancibia Bohle — 3 comentarios It's always a good idea to automate the execution of SQL statements on a batch script for the creation and update of objects on an Oracle database, in this post I'm going to see how to do it Batch files (.BAT) and Windows NT Command Script (.CMD) files run in console window when double-clicked. This means that the Command Prompt window will be visible until the .BAT or .CMD file execution is complete. To make .BAT or .CMD file execution less intrusive, you can configure it to ru

A batch file is a Windows file with the .bat extension. It's used as an input file for the command-line interpreter CMD to run a set of commands. This helps in automating things and reducing the. Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 includes a command to shut down the computer through the command line, shortcut, or batch files.Below are the steps required for creating a shutdown, restart, and hibernate shortcut Abhilfe schafft ein kleiner Umweg über den ping Command sleep or wait mit ping . Befehl: @ping -n 10 localhost> nul. wartet in etwa 10 Sekunden (-n 10) und führt die Batchdatei dann weiter aus. sleep-Befehl nachrüsten. sleep.cmd in C:\Windows\System32. @echo off @ping localhost -n 2 > NUL @ping localhost -n %1 > NUL Windows Vista/7/8/10. seit Windows Vist gibt es den Befehl: timeout.

Command-line environments like the Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell use spaces to separate commands and arguments—but file and folder names can also contain spaces. To specify a file path with a space inside it, you'll need to escape it Use the batch-file command Choice to make your batch files interactive. Greg Shultz shows how it can come in handy even in Windows 7 A batch file is a script file in DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows.It consists of a series of commands to be executed by the command-line interpreter, stored in a plain text file. A batch file may contain any command the interpreter accepts interactively and use constructs that enable conditional branching and looping within the batch file, such as IF, FOR, and GOTO labels

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In this guide, we'll show you the different ways to rename one or many files in bulk using File Explorer, PowerShell, and Command Prompt on Windows 10 You can create a .bat file in any Windows 10 folder of your choice. To create it from scratch, simply go to the destination folder of your choice, right-click and create a new .txt file. Once the Notepad file is created, rename the extension from .txt to .bat. Ignore the file will become unusable message due to change in file name extension and click Yes. An empty batch file has now been. Supports extended wildcards, ranges, and include lists for the set. Use wildcards with caution on LFN volumes; see LFN File Searches for details.. Usage . DO can be used in batch files, aliases, or at the command prompt.To use them in aliases or at the prompt, you need to define the DO on a single line, and enclose the body of the DO loop in a command group following the DO expression

EXIST command is used to check if a file exists or not. Read this article to know details of EXIST and all the other batch file commands. @echo OFF ::EXIST command is used to check for existence IF EXIST D:\abc.txt ECHO abc.txt found IF EXIST D:\xyz.txt (ECHO xyz.txt found) ELSE (ECHO xyz.txt not found) PAUS A batch file (also known as a .bat file or batch script) is a text file that the Windows cmd.exe command line processor executes as a batch job. Command Prompt assumes both the role of interpreter and runtime environment. Put simply, a batch file is a computer program or script containing data or tasks that are processed sequentially by Command Prompt. Note. The term batch processing.

The REM command only remarks the line from being executed. However, if @echo off is not in the batch file that line still echos to the screen. To prevent these lines from being shown, you can do one of three things This is a screenshot of the deploy batch file executing in a command window: For more information, consult WinSCP's extensive scripting documentation here. This story, How to automate SFTP file. The REM command only remarks (i.e. Say something as a comment) the line from being executed. However, if @echo off is not in the batch file that line will still echo to the screen.. To prevent these lines from being shown you can do one of three things. Add @echo off to the batch file: If you want to hide all commands as well as the REM lines add @echo off as the first line in the batch file Windows Shell / Useful Batch File Examples. This page provides examples of useful batch files and nuggets of code that can be used in batch files. Determine the folder where a batch file exists; Parsing command line options; Run a Cygwin Program from a Batch File; Set Command Prompt Window Title; Determine the folder where a batch file exists. Batch files often need to know the location of. To make it more clear, we've divided the Windows command prompt commands into four categories: basics, files, system, Calls a batch file within another batch file. The command has no effect if entered directly into CMD instead of in a batch file. All Win/DOS cd Displays the current directory and lets you switch to other directories. With the parameter /D plus drive and path specification.

Um in Windows einen Batch-Ton zu erzeugen brauchen Sie alten kleinen DOS-Trick. Was ist eine Batch-Datei? Bei einer Batch-Datei handelt es sich um eine Abfolge von Kommandozeilen-Befehlen in DOS. Auch unter Windows gibt es diese Befehlsdateien noch. Sie können Sie in der Windows-Kommandozeile erzeugen. Bestseller Nr. 1. HEIMAT Dry Gin (1x 0,5l) - Destilliert and... 32,90 EUR. Bei Amazon. Befehlsverkettung: mehrere Batch-Befehle in einer Zeile können hintereinander ausgeführt werden Syntax. befehl1 & befehl2. Stapelanweisung: Ab ? bis Windows 7 (geht auch unter Windows 10) Beispiel: Inhalt echo Hallo! & echo und Tschüss! Ausgabe Hallo! und Tschüss! | Befehlsverkettung mittels pipe: der zweite Befehl bekommt die Ausgabe des ersten Befehls als Eingabe Syntax. befehl1. Therefore, if the user is running the batch script on a Windows version that supports PowerShell scripting, the specific code-block will be executed in PowerShell via the command prompt application This entry was posted in Batch Commands, System Management and tagged batch, batch file, batch files, hour, nested if, time on January 13, 2017 by admin. Post navigation ← Execute a Batch File Only on A Specific Day Variables in Batch Files - System Variables and User Variables xyz.bat is the batch script we have created in Step 1; FileToEdit.txt is the file you would like to edit; and Edited_File.txt is an edited file. The command will edit the file (FileToEdit.txt) and output into a new file (Edited_File.txt). File to edit. Output - Edited file. This script can also edit an htlml file

ECHO Note: ECHO This batch file uses the redirected output of the HELP command to generate the ECHO HTML file. Because some commands use special characters like ^&, ^<, and ^> in ECHO their help screen, not all output is displayed correctly in the browser. ECHO Known issues: skipped ^<space^> tag in CMD's special character list and skipped ECHO \^<xyz and xyz\^> word position references in. Command prompt - combining files by name. by Iceman123 » 22 Mar 2021 10:25. 13 Replies. 448 Views. Last post by Squashman. 29 Mar 2021 13:08. Identify Java software installed

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A relatively unknown feature of the windows shell (cmd.exe) is that it has a built in substring function. You can use the :~ operator in conjunction with any variable to obtain a substring of that variable. For example: set foo=foobar echo %foo:~3% The above will output bar. You can also use two comma separated parameters if you want I'm not sure of how useful this is at an interactive command line, but in a batch file or the Run dialog, it definitely can be useful. bake pie && eat pie && clean plate - You can chain together more than two commands User: Delphis1982 Hier mal eine Batch, die beim Starten von Windows VOR der Anmeldung solange wartet, bis ERSTENS: die Netzwerkfreigabe erreichbar ist und ZWEITENS: bis das iSCSI-Laufwerk D: eingebunden ist (da darin der Desktop liegt). Erst wenn BEIDE Bedingungen erfüllt sind, erfolgt die Anmeldung. In der Batch müssen also eigentlich nur ZWEI Bedingungen erfüllt werden, aber in der Batch. Batch-Dateien von der Taskleiste aufrufen Klicken Sie die Batch-Datei im Windows-Explorer mit der rechten Maustaste an, und wählen Sie im erscheinenden... Danach führen Sie einen Rechtsklick auf die neu erstellte Verknüpfungs-Datei aus. Wählen Sie in deren Kontextmenü... Es erscheint das.


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Während der Batch-Prozessor früher mit Hilfe von syntaktischen Tricks gerade einmal die Gleichheit eines Kommandozeilenarguments mit einem bestimmten Wert feststellen konnte, ist er heute immerhin zu allen Vergleichsoperationen fähig. Auch wenn er damit insgesamt noch weit von den Möglichkeiten einer Unix- oder Powershell entfernt ist, erschließen die Operatoren doch einige Einsatzgebiete. BATch Datei erstellen - CMD ,BAT Befehle in Windows (DOS) Windows Batch - Grundlagen ({{pro_count}}) Beitrag bewerten: {{percentage}} % positiv ({{con_count}}) DANKE für deine Bewertung! veröffentlicht am 27.09.2014 von Bernhard. geändert am 10.02.2016 von Bernhard. Xperf - Boot und Shutdown Analyse | Troubleshooting | Der Druckertreiber wurde nicht installiert. >> Fragen / Kommentare. A Command Prompt window will appear and disappear really fast if things work correctly. If it stops in the middle, there must be something wrong in the batch file. A new folder will be created in the directory that has the current date as its name after the execution is complete. As the batch file will be created in the current working directory you can even execute the batch file by. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and later syntax. Changes the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file. SHIFT [/n] With Command Extensions enabled, the SHIFT command supports the /n switch that tells the command to start shifting at the nth argument, where n is between zero and eight An infinite loop in Batch Script refers to the repetition of a command infinitely. The only way to stop an infinitely loop in Windows Batch Script is by either pressing Ctrl + C or by closing the program. Syntax: Suppose a variable 'a ':a your command here goto a Here, you need to know how to create a batch file in windows. It is very simple. First, copy the code in a notepad file and save.

Use Windows command line to create batch files. Sometimes you need to create a text file or you need someone else to. This is usually easy, but what if it needs to be a batch file and they have file extensions hidden This wikiHow teaches you how to run a batch file (.BAT) from the Windows command line. You can run the program from the Run dialog or by typing commands into a terminal window. Press . This opens the Run dialog Hello I am trying to execute a sqlcmd command against multiple SQL instances in one shot. The batch file uses for /f switch to parse thru a text file that has all the server names and then runs sqlcmd command against them. My script looks like this @echo off for /F tokens=* %%a in · There is no try/catch, but there is ERRORLEVEL in. To start an exe file from a batch file in Windows, you can use the start command. For example, the following command would start Notepad in most versions of Windows.. START C:\Windows\NOTEPAD.EX Stapelverarbeitung, auch Batchverarbeitung genannt, ist ein Begriff aus der Datenverarbeitung und bezeichnet die Arbeitsweise von Computerprogrammen, bei der die in einem oder mehreren Datenbeständen als Eingabe bereitgestellte Menge an Aufgaben oder Daten vollständig, automatisch und meist sequenziell verarbeitet wird.. Die komplementäre Bearbeitungsform wird Dialogverarbeitung genannt

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